Does wearable technology have a place in Business Travel?

Business travel is one of the biggest industries in the world and our San Diego limousine service is ready to take care of all your luxury transportation needs. Our chauffeurs are highly trained, create a personalized experience for all our clients, and we embrace the fact that business travelers are in need of luxury transportation with reliable service. Something we’ve noticed in recent years is the abundance of wearable technology being used by our business customers, and it’s something we also use when we transport our clients from their pick-up location to their final destinations. Wearable technology plays a large role in the business travel industry, and we appreciate that.


The Benefits of Wearable Tech

When a business traveler utilizes wearable technology, the benefits are amazing. Watches are perhaps the most popular form of wearable technology, and those such as the Apple watch make life much easier on the road. Business travelers have the ability to read emails, to keep their boarding passes, to send text messages, and to make phone calls without their phones in hand. They must only have them on their person or with their belongings. It keeps hands free, it prevents missing calls or text messages important to their business, and it means faster check-in. These devices can also make it easier for business travelers to stay healthier while away from home.



Nothing is less convenient than needing to put down your bags, carry-on luggage, and digging through your pockets and bags for your phone containing your boarding pass when you must check-in at the airport, get through security, or board your flight. When your boarding pass is on your wrist, it’s convenient. When our car service in San Diego needs to text to tell you our location when we get to your terminal, you needn’t dig out a phone or risk missing our notification by not hearing your phone alert you.

If someone calls while you’re walking to your gate, you can chat without putting down your luggage or juggling all that and your phone while you move. It’s convenient, easy, and it’s much more conducive to business related travel.


When you wear your wearable technology on business travel, you’re reminded to get moving. There’s nothing quite like looking down at your smart watch only to realize you haven’t met your walking goal or calorie goal for the day. It reminds you to get up, get active, and stay healthy while you’re away from home, which is always a benefit for any business traveler.

Wearable technology plays a large role in the business travel industry, and we suspect it won’t be much longer before it advances even more, making it possible for business travelers to travel even more stress-free as a result. It’s nice to know you can remain connected while also using your technology for entertainment on the road. Allow your technology to help you stay connected and on track when you are traveling.

Posted on Mar 28 2017

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