Travel Accessories to Help Business Travelers Get the Most out of their Laptops

If you’ve been finding yourself having to travel more frequently for business lately, you undoubtedly rely on a laptop to stay productive. Many seasoned road warriors will open their laptop as soon as they get inside the limousine on the way to the airport.

Indeed, it’s an indispensable device, letting you go over memos, study contracts, conduct research and exchange messages with colleagues while on the go. To make the most of your laptop, from the airplane to the hotel to the various locations where you do business on your trip, you’ll want to take advantage of laptop accessories.

Laptop Bag for TSA Checkpoints

Time is money, so it will pay if you can get through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints as quickly as possible, noted a recent post at New Egg Business.

Follow the TSA recommendations and acquire a laptop bag designed for speedy checkpoint inspections. If you make it easier for the TSA workers to see the contents of your bag without having to remove each item, you’ll have a better chance of boarding your flight on time.

International Travel Adapter

A rugged, small travel adapter will really come in handy because you never know when you’re going to have to plug in to the power source in a foreign country.

The adapter your laptop came with may suffice, but it’s always good to have a backup adapter in case you lose the original one or if it fails.

Portable Hard Drive

It’s a good idea to pack a travel hard drive that you can connect to your laptop. Use it to make backups of your files so you can maintain access to files even if there is a problem with the laptop.

You can also use the drive to store videos and photos that you take during your trip.

Wireless Mouse

Even if you are adept at using your laptop’s track pad, it’s typically not as easy to use as a mouse. You don’t want to bring a large, unwieldy mouse because you might have to use your leg or the pull-down tray as the surface on which to move the mouse when onboard the airplane.

A wireless mouse connects to your laptop via Bluetooth. You’ll move through spreadsheets and process other documents much more easily with mouse control.

Posted on Apr 30 2015

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