Tips to Never Forget Essentials Again When Traveling

When you have an important business meeting that requires you to travel out of town, you will typically have a lot of moving parts to keep track of prior to your departure date. And when travel plans occur at the last minute, it’s particularly easy to get frazzled and forget something that you need. 

For example, you might omit packing a prescription allergy medication that you only use when needed and not on a regular basis, or it slips your mind that you intended to wear an accessory given to you by your colleague during the last trip to make a big splash at the meeting you’ll have this trip.

However, if you’re like most business professionals who will carry at least one smart device with them while on the road, you can use the Packing Pro app to improve how you get your items together, going forward.

Developed by Quinn Genzel, the Packing Pro app is designed to help you travel more intelligently, saving time and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Use it to set up packing lists in advance for different types of business trips, such a lengthy stays and quick weekend get-togethers. The app will keep a running tally of all the items you want to remember to bring and will show you which ones are packed so far and which ones you still need to gather up.

If you’re missing something, use the app to remind you to buy it before the trip. You can also export your customized packing lists to print out or to send via email.

The Packing Pro app was recently updated to give it data transfer capabilities, including wireless sharing and improvements to how lists are created and displayed. Users who want to use the app with Apple’s cloud computing data backup service need to update their devices to use iCloud Drive.

The team at Carey San Diego is sympathetic to busy travelers who seek to be as organized as possible when preparing for business trips. Forgetting an essential item can throw a wrench into your travel, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of an app like Packing Pro.

Posted on May 27 2015

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