Thinking How to Make a Good First Impression? Here’s How to Do It.

Did you know that it takes around only three seconds to form a first impression of someone else? Although that sounds astounding on its own, an even more amazing discovery is the fact that first impressions are almost impossible to reverse or change.

Here at our San Diego ground transportation service, our chauffeurs are constantly reminded to maintain a positive attitude and appropriate wear and mannerisms . We understand the importance of customer service and what that entails, and since we only ever want our clients to feel satisfied and comfortable, we do what it takes to ensure that every ride is absolutely fantastic.

Of course, since this is something that everyone should be familiar with, we’ve provided some useful tips for you to read just down below:


Time is of the Essence

Anything can go wrong when you meet someone for the first time, and one of the things you’ll want to avoid if at all possible is arriving late. Sure, you might have a really good reason. However, if this happens more often than not, it probably means that you should adjust your schedule in order to give yourself enough leeway for delays. Just remember, arriving earlier is way better than arriving late!


Show Your Winning Smile

It’s time to show those pearly whites! Even if you don’t have the whitest smile, this simple action goes a long way in endearing someone towards you. First time meet-ups can be tenser than necessary and smiling comfortably is a great way to ease the situation. Another important thing to note is that a simple smile goes a long way, so you probably wouldn’t want to push it to the extreme.


Stay Open and Confident

Since a picture can really be worth a thousand words, the way you project yourself is usually more than enough for people to gauge how much they will enjoy spending time with you. In order to appear self-assured and confident, do remember to make eye contact and smile upon greeting, and avoid nervous gestures like hunching down or looking away.


Exude Positiveness

Attitude plays a crucial role in good first impressions. Of course, projecting confidence is one way to assure someone that you’re dependable in some way, but having a positive attitude simply sets the tone right. You might be under pressure or feeling nervous about the meet-up, so smiling and maintaining a humble posture will definitely make all the difference.


Remember to Be Courteous and Attentive

Being polite and displaying good manners is pretty much an expected norm everywhere. One great way to be courteous to those around you is to turn your mobile phone off or put it aside when you’re talking to someone. If you’re at a sit-down situation with other people in front and on your left and right, do your best to give everyone equal attention to avoid feelings of resentment and awkwardness.

We always do our best to make a good first impression and our mission is to provide professional, reliable, on time, high-quality transportation solutions to our valued customers. Every time you need a transportation partner you can trust, count on our San Diego limousine service. We are proud to provide the best car service San Diego residents and tourists can rely on.

Posted on Nov 06 2018

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