The Only Guide You’ll Need for Your Wedding Day Transportation

No one wants to plan thoroughly for a wedding only to see how it all falls apart when people start arriving late or even end up at the wrong venue. Instead of arranging for many separate vehicles on the day itself, you just might want to look into hiring a professional company to ensure that everything goes smoothly. After all, experts are sought for a reason, right?

Our San Diego limousine service can definitely help when it comes to transportation options for special days. We’re no stranger to seeing happy couples walk down the aisle, and we’ll also be able to provide tons of vehicle options for the bride and groom, family members, out-of-town guests, and so on.

We want you to enjoy your big day, so we’ve even provided some transportation tips for you down below:

Get an Accurate Headcount

Now, not only do you wish for everyone to be on time, you’ll also want them to remain safe and comfortable throughout the day. You’ll want to think about who will be traveling with whom, who needs to be where at a certain time, and so on. You aren’t financially responsible for their mode of transport, but you can always help by determining who needs a lift, compiling their personal info, and providing them to the transportation company of your choice.

It’s All in the Details

Don’t add to your plate of concerns for the big day by remembering to get in touch with your limo service the night before or on the day of your wedding. Provide them with all the relevant details of the people whom they will be picking up and dropping off, such as their names, phone numbers and locations. If there are any last-minute additions for transportation, be sure to inform the limo service so that they can adjust accordingly.

Know When to Book

Anything can go wrong if you give it a chance, so why not book your transportation options during the safe period of at least four to six months in advance? This is especially crucial for those intending to have their wedding during the graduation and prom season of April to June. If possible, you should even consider making a nine-month booking in advance to secure your dream ride.

Choose Your Preferred Vehicle

There’s no denying that without you and your partner to-be, there wouldn’t even be a wedding. However, your guests and other family members are equally important characters on your memorable day, and it’s even more crucial to remember that more people at any event equals more opportunity for something to go wrong. It’s advisable that you rely on a transportation company with your needs on that day itself. You can also discuss your preferred type of vehicle and they’ll be able to recommend you the best deals for your budget.

Give Each Trip Enough Time

Traffic jams can be stressful even on regular days, so you wouldn’t want to be in the thick of it and thinking constantly about whether you’ll be on time with a tight schedule. The same goes for your guests too, especially for those traveling on their own. To ensure that everyone stays relaxed and comfortable, do pad each ride with about 20 to 30 minutes allowance.

Posted on Mar 12 2019

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