The Best Places to Travel in 2019

Hoping to travel in 2019 but aren't sure where to go? Check out these destinations that offer new and exciting experiences for the new year, both domestic and abroad! These diverse destinations are sure to make your 2019 memorable.

1. Iceland

Iceland doesn't get much publicity, but there are plenty of reasons to add it to your list of destinations for 2019. Glaciers and adorable puffins can be spotted while you sail the icy waters aboard the Silversea, an exclusive expedition that will be opening in 2019 to only 250 people! You will be able to spot whales and take in Iceland's natural beauty up close.

2. San Diego, California

San Diego is a sunny paradise famous for its zoo, delicious food, and booming nightlife. San Diego offers a taste of California that's a bit more mellow than Los Angeles. If you need a beach getaway and access to exceptional wine this new year, look no further than San Diego. You can use our San Diego limousine service to get around in style.

3. Mexico City

Moving south of the border, Mexico City offers cosmopolitan culture featuring exquisite culinary experiences. After separating itself from the drug war, Mexico City has experienced a rebirth. Museums offer an educational experience and the old canals allow you to hop on a boat for a tour around the city. Mexico City is teeming with excitement and activity. With so much to do, you may not even have time to visit the beach!

4. Savannah, Georgia

Back in the United States, be sure to add this southern gem to your wish list. This town is known for its nightlife and has a pirate-like vibe. Take a walk down cobblestone streets as you wander past bars, seafood joints, and beautiful historic homes. Savannah is also home to SCAD, a prestigious university where future artists and fashion designers flock.

5. Nantes, France

Speaking of art, Nantes knows a thing or two about capturing that artsy spirit. Soaked in history and located on the Loire River, Nantes has had several faces. Once a thriving port city, Nantes had to reinvent themselves after the port relocated. It is now one of France's thriving cities and cultural capital of the world.

6. Phuket, Thailand

You probably won't want to leave if you travel here next year. Its white sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters, and diverse culture make Phuket the ultimate getaway for singles, families, and honeymooners every year! Every beach on Thailand's largest island is different. Phuket offers something for everyone, from the budget traveler to the luxury-lover.

7. Palermo, Sicily

Located in the heart of the ancient world, this vibrant city beautifully represents Italy in a colorful, flavorful way. Palermo takes Byzantine influence and is decorated with date palms and gothic architecture. Be prepared to fall in love with this bustling Italian city.

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Posted on Dec 20 2018

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