Stay Healthy While Traveling this Summer with Our Fantastic Tips

You could very well spend your summer months indoors, but if you’re keen to travel and explore the outdoors (even in such hot temperatures!), you’ll want to stay healthy in order to make the most of it. After all, when you’re busy having fun under the sun or moving about from one place to another, it’s easy to forget the risks of excessive sun exposure such as dehydration and getting sunburned.

One great way to stay cool and healthy this summer is by booking our San Diego limousine and riding in our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. It’s fine to sweat while having fun, but who wants to get overheated in a car that’s been baking under the hot sun for hours? With our reliable chauffeurs manning the wheel, all you’ll have to do is sit back in absolute comfort while we do all the work. If you’re interested in our other great tips on how to stay healthy in summer, just continue reading down below:

Keep Those Liquids Coming

Whatever else you choose to do this summer, do remember to watch your water intake. You should definitely consume at least the recommended 64 ounces of water daily (or 8 cups), but if you foresee yourself sweating more while traveling out and about, you’ll definitely want to increase the amount of water you drink.

Of course, carrying around a water bottle when traveling outdoors does the trick, but we understand that it’s not the most convenient idea. Still, because it truly is important to stay hydrated, you should then invest in a collapsible water bottle that will fit into your pocket easily. 

Dress Appropriately

If you didn’t already know, dark colors absorb more heat under the sun, so stick to wearing lighter colors outdoors. These days, there are also tons of artificial fabrics in the market that help to regulate your body temperature and is also great for wicking away sweat effectively.

Other natural, breathable materials such as cotton and linen are also great summer buys, so don’t hesitate to switch over to more comfortable clothes if you’re going under the hot sun. To avoid excessive overheating, you should also opt for looser fitting clothes so that heat can escape more easily.

Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

Unless you’re looking to obtain a great tan this summer, sunscreen will be your best friend against painful sunburns. Of course, it goes without being said that you should immediately apply sunscreen before stepping outdoors, but if you find yourself sweating more or getting in and out of the water constantly, you’ll need to reapply your sunscreen more often. To make the most of your summer, do remember to reapply your sunscreen as often as needed.

Boost Your Body with Supplements and Nutrients

There really is no shortcut to good health, and for those traveling around in summer, it’s important to remember that even if you’re in the pink of health, you can still catch other people’s germs in public places. For your sake and of course to enjoy all that summer has to offer, it’s high time you started boosting your immune system with a daily dose of Vitamin C.

For berry fans out there, summer is the time to indulge in all kinds of berry goodness for a healthy antioxidant boost. You can easily visit a juice bar and load up on all kinds of goodness or experiment with different types of fruits and vegetables at home instead. 

Choose Healthier BBQ Options

These days, healthier foods are a fast-rising trend, and it’s relatively easy to find alternatives to the traditional BBQ sauce. If you’re willing to expand your palette and try out new tastes and recipes, you’ll soon realize just how delicious a BBQ session can be without slathering everything with sauces loaded with processed sugar.

To make your meal a more balanced and nutritious one, you should also include more fruits and vegetables. Most are relatively easy to grill as long as you keep an eye on the flame, and they make a tasty side that’s sure to go down a treat.

Fill Your Stomach with Breakfast

Start your summer day right with a nutritious breakfast. Of course, that doesn’t mean that other meals throughout the day aren’t important. However, if you intend to travel or move around outdoors under the hot sun for long hours, you’ll want that extra boost of energy that a good breakfast can give you. 

Avoid unhealthy fats and processed foods whenever possible. If you’re preparing your own meal on the go, choose a recipe that serves up a good dose of protein, healthy fats and fiber. If you don’t have the time or the space to whip something up, you can always eat outside at healthier options. 

Exercise Correctly and Regularly

Hot weather shouldn’t be the reason to stop exercising in summer. After all, there are still gyms that you can visit to work out in a more cooling environment. However, if you’re a fan of exercising outdoors, you’ll want to avoid the hottest hours of the day and make use of some simple precooling methods like drinking a slushie before exercising and draping a cool towel around your neck.

Although swimming is an obvious summer outdoor activity, we understand that it might not necessarily be your cup of tea. If this is the case, you should then pick simple exercise routines that can fit into your traveling schedule that does not take up too much time or space. 

Drink Responsibly

Summer is about having fun, right? Even while traveling, it isn’t hard to grab a drink, but you’ll want to be more careful with the amount you choose to consume. After all, alcohol actually depletes our water stores and speeds up dehydration, so if you’re looking to enjoy yourself, drinking in moderation is key.

We, at Carey San Diego, are able to tailor your transportation services to your preferences whether it is a specific chauffeur, a preferred newspaper, beverage or snack, we can guarantee that each time you book our limo service in San Diego we will exceed your highest expectations. 

Posted on Jul 09 2019

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