San Diego Chauffeur Advice: Get Better Gas Mileage in Your Car

Regardless of gas prices, getting better mileage is always an excellent goal. According to the top San Diego chauffeurs who spend countless hours on the road, there are many ways to increase gas mileage. In addition to cost savings at the fuel pump, some of these recommendations are even good for the health of your vehicle.

Seven Gas-Saving Suggestions

  1. Tire Inflation – When the tires on your vehicle are properly inflated, fuel consumption can be reduced by 3%. On average, tires lose 1 pound per square inch (PSI) every month. Especially during the cold winter months, thermal contraction of the air causes pressure to decrease. Therefore, your tire pressure should be checked at a minimum of once a month. 

  1. Engine Tune-up – Another way to improve fuel efficiency is with an engine tune-up. A tune-up also maximizes power and creates a smoother ride.

  1. Air Filter – Something as simple as replacing the air filter can have a big impact on gas mileage. When the air filter becomes dirty, fuel economy decreases; when extremely dirty, the engine can stall while idling.

  1. Fuel Filter – You also want to have the fuel filter on your vehicle replaced. For enhancing fuel efficiency, this alone will help tremendously.

  1. Lighter Load – The heavier the weight of a vehicle, the lower gas mileage you will get. Therefore, if fuel efficiency is a major concern, look for the lightest vehicle according to need. Of course, even lightening the load of your vehicle will help. For instance, if you drive a van, consider removing any seats not being used, and if you tend to use the trunk of your car for storage, clean it out. Chauffeurs advise that for every 100 pounds eliminated, fuel consumption decreases as much as 2%.

  1. Fuel-Injected Cars – If you drive this type of vehicle, it is essential that the oxygen sensors, evaporative emissions control systems, and engine emissions system are properly working. For example, if the oxygen sensor is damaged, the fuel mixture might be too rich. In this case, gas usage could increase by as much as 20%.

  1. Gas Tank – Always keep your gas tank at least half full. Along with improving fuel efficiency, this actually places less stress on the fuel pump. 

Hiring a Chauffeur

If you live in a city where the price of gas is extraordinarily high, you drive long distances, or you are on the road frequently, consider hiring a professional chauffeur to do the driving for you.


Posted on Sep 17 2015

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