Reap the Rewards of a Successful Business Dinner with These Simple Steps

There’s more to a business meal than meets the eye, and for the uninitiated, you’ll want to up your game, especially when it comes to your table manners. It’s more than just showing up on time and knowing what to order, especially if you’re hoping to leave a good impression and also pave the way for a long-lasting relationship with others at the table.

When it comes to top-notch service, our San Diego limousine service is always seeking to provide a safe and comfortable ride for all our customers. After all, if you want to leave a good impression, you’ll want to show genuine interest in others, and that also means knowing what others would prefer or won’t prefer. In fact, we’ll love to share our insights with you on how to achieve a successful business meal, so read on:

Setting the Right Agenda

Though luck can play a part in our daily lives, a successful business dinner boils down to attention to detail and knowing the agenda for the evening. Nobody likes a clueless person at the dinner table, so don’t go there. Some dinners are more social in nature and require a more relaxed stance while at others, you’ll want to appear more professional and serious. Whichever the case, it’s for you to find out and determine.

It’s Still Work

It’s going to be an extension of your workday whether you like it or not. No matter how well you know the people you’ll be eating with, don’t forget that there is an agenda to be pursued and fulfilled throughout the course of the meal. It’ll take a balancing act between your networking skills and knowledge of business meetings to pull this off successfully, so take it one step at a time.

The Food is Secondary

Don’t let your stomach rule the dinner table, especially if it has the tendency to growl. Stave off hunger by taking a quick bite just before. This way, you’ll be able to eat normally and focus on the topic or conversation at hand. Also, do avoid ordering messy foods such as pasta and crab legs as it’ll take more of your attention in order to eat the meal nicely.

Get Ready to Talk

Talking can sometimes be underrated, especially when we’re rushing to get things done throughout the day. However, when it comes to a business dinner, conversations are the highlight. It’s easy to spot someone who shows a genuine interest in you, and that’s usually when they ask you enough questions. You can prove to others that you’re worth talking to in the long run by having a broader knowledge on a wide range of general topics. 

Take Note of Your Body Language

Body language is something that everyone should get the hang of if only because there’s so much we can understand and learn about how others really feel. If you want to convey attentiveness, sit straight and look at the person you’re listening to or talking to. Also, remember your other table manners such as keeping your elbows off the table and chewing with your mouth closed.

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Posted on Mar 19 2019

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