Passengers Use the SOAR App to Conquer Their Fear of Flying

Have you found yourself becoming fearful before going on airplane trips? Sometimes people are scared to fly before they ever set foot on an airplane and take flight, while others develop a fear of flying after they have been in the air a few times. In many cases, turbulence is a factor that contributes to people feeling anxious and worried while they’re en route.

To that end, SOAR developed the SOAR Conquers Fear of Flying app for mobile devices. SOAR was founded in 1982 and to date has helped 10,000 fliers with their fears, according to data released by the company. 

Developed by airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn, SOAR features a G-force meter that uses the mobile device’s motion sensors to measure turbulence rates and show fliers that there is no threat to the flight as it’s occurring. Having access to actual data about the turbulence in real time should soothe the jangled nerves of the most scared of frequent fliers.

The SOAR app also gives end users access to weather information, including forecasts for turbulence. Knowing when to expect more turbulence than usual helps prepare fliers for just how bumpy their flight might be so they can take steps to relax before boarding. 

It provides details about the mechanics of airplane flight, so fearful flyers can expand their knowledge and get a better sense of how airlines maintain such high levels of safety. In fact, the app shows users how back-up systems work to keep planes flying in the event of any kind of equipment problem or malfunction. It also provides details on how planes have safety features that will prevent pilot errors from occurring.

The SOAR Conquers Fear of Flying app is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices. 

At Carey San Diego, we hope that all of our passengers will feel safe and comfortable during all phases of their journey. For individuals with a fear of flying, the SOAR app should prove to be a valuable component of their future trips.

Posted on May 15 2015

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