Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2015


In addition to seeing the same characters year after year, a variety of new costumes emerges every Halloween. New costumes are typically based on movies, books, cartoons, and more. However, some very creative people come up with extraordinary costumes without much influence. As in every year, 2015 brings out an entirely new line of creatures mixed in with the more traditional Halloween costumes.


For children, any of the following Halloween costumes would be in line with projected trends.

  • “Despicable Me” Minion – Following the hit movies, Minion costumes for children are in high demand this year.
  • “Iron Man” – This children’s costume is also popular, following the box office hit of the same name.
  • Marvel Comics’ “Ant-Man” – With this Halloween costume, kids will feel like a real superhero ready to fight evil villains.
  • “Big Hero 6” Red Baymax – This inflatable costume is unique. Children love the attached wings, as well as the detachable hood and character mask and the built-in fan that keeps them cool.


Millions of adults get into the Halloween spirit. Following are some of the popular costumes that you will likely see this year.

  • Kim Davis – This year, Kim Davis is expected to be one of the more popular adult costumes. Davis is the court clerk from Kentucky who refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, ultimately landing her a stint in jail. 

  • Caitlyn Jenner – Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn made headlines around the world for transitioning from male to female. When asked her opinion about the Halloween costumes, she said she loved the idea and was not offended whatsoever.

  • Political Figures – The three costumes you will probably see the most in this category are Donald Trump, John Boehner, and Hilary Clinton.

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Costume designers got exceptionally creative by coming up with a costume that includes a bucket and plastic film that reflects black and blue or white and gold, giving the illusion of falling water.

  • Subway Rat – What started out as an individual filming a New York City rat trying to get a huge slice of pizza down the subway stairs quickly became an Internet phenomenon. In honor of determination, perseverance, and hard work displayed by the little animal now referred to as “Pizza Rat,” a Halloween costume was designed that is expected to be quite popular.

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Posted on Oct 28 2015

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