Make Travel Safety Your Top Priority in 2020

Traveling is an essential piece in business when it comes to securing and growing profitable relationships. However, business travel also comes with inherent concerns about employee safety, especially ground transportation. 

The Growing Safety Concern When Traveling Domestically & Internationally

Carey Executive Transportation understands the importance of travel safety; that's why we have a robust and exclusive global network that spans to more than 1000 cities worldwide with unrivaled security, consistent, reliable service standards, and innovative travel technology for both travelers and arrangers/organizers.

Safety and Security for Travelers 

Unforeseen incidents happen every day. From traffic accidents and medical emergencies to extreme weather, and unexpected events. Some transportation services are not equipped to handle the needs of today's executives. Our professional chauffeurs actively monitor travel warnings and advisories to make sure you're not late to your destination. If you're headed to the airport, we'll track all flight times to make sure there aren't any changes you aren't aware of and to make sure we are always there waiting for you when you arrive at the terminal.

Safety Should Be the Top Priority When Planning Travel in 2020

Travel safety is a big deal. It should be at the top of the list for any reputable transportation service that cares about the wellbeing of its passengers. These factors should undoubtedly be on the mind of businesses when making decisions about their employee's travel. With all the available options, it can be tempting to make ground transportation decisions based primarily on price; however, this almost certainly involves a trade-off when it comes to safety and security.

Posted on Jan 24 2020

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