How to Avoid Being a Hoarder When Packing

Are you the type of person who mildly freaks out when packing for a business trip and goes a bit overboard? If you’ve ever tried to put the entire contents of your closet into your luggage because you were worrying that you might forget to bring an important item, you should know that you’re not alone. Many travelers experience some anxiety or concerns when getting ready for a long trip that will take them far from home, noted a recent article at Smarter Travel.

If you have a mild tendency to hoard, there are techniques you can adopt to get more organized and have a much more pleasant trip.

To begin, establish goals and set rules for how and what you will pack. Determine if you can get by with a carry-on bag or if you must check luggage. Are you willing to go over the weight limits set by your airline, or are you motivated to pack lighter so you can avoid paying higher fees?

Also, consider what you will be doing with your luggage. If you would be happier not having to tote around several bags as you travel from one city to the next, you have another reason to pack more mindfully.

Next, it’s time to make a list. If you dislike working from lists, rest assured that making a packing list will make your life much easier. Make your list on paper or type it into a spreadsheet for easy reuse. Saving a list on your computer or smartphone is a good idea because you can compare notes, such as realizing that you could have gotten by with one less pair of shoes. Then you can adjust the list for your next trip.

The team at Carey San Diego knows that it can be challenging to prioritize what to pack when preparing for an important business trip. Hopefully, these tips will help you pack more lightly and relieve any anxiety you may have about leaving things behind that you may not even wind up using.


Posted on Apr 08 2015

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