Have Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feeling Right at Home

There are plenty of important things to handle and take care of before the actual date, and the guest list is definitely a top priority. Some are even taking time off, booking flights, and crossing state lines to attend your joyous occasion. Since they’re going through the effort (and expense!), your job is to help them out in any way possible and make them feel welcomed. With that being said, let’s get down to how you can go about doing that:

Always Remember to Include Important Details

What guests really want before they attend a wedding is the right amount of details. Things like key times, people in charge, what to wear, types of activities, and so on can all be listed down in a wedding itinerary. If you don’t intend to send it together with your wedding invitation, you can always post it up separately online or printed out to be given out. For those arriving earlier, you can even throw in a mini guide on things they can do and eat, as well as interesting hot spots they can visit.

Thank Them During the Reception

This is definitely something that will take up your time (and energy!), but it’s a really great way to greet everyone personally and thank them for taking the time and effort to attend your happy occasion. Of course, you can always include everyone in your wedding speech, but that’s not the point. Everyone wants to feel welcomed and appreciated, and if that means receiving a few seconds of acknowledgment from you and your partner, you can very well make that happen.

Surprise them with Welcome Bags

One good way to make anyone feel welcome is to surprise them with a gift. Of course, you’ll have to discuss the amount you’ll want to spend on this with your partner since it does depend on your resources. It’s really the thought that counts, and you’ll want them to feel appreciated, so anything ranging from homemade cookies to complimentary hotel massages will definitely be alright.

Do Your Best to Keep Them Entertained

Nobody wants their guests to feel bored before or during the wedding, and though you might already have your hands full, you can always plan certain thing in advance before your guests start arriving. If they do arrive to stay a couple of days ahead, you can always have an informal wedding reception, ask them to join in your wedding rehearsal, or provide them with a few entertainment options they can explore on their own.

Organize and Arrange Their Transportation

It’s common for out of town guests to fly in, and that means they will most likely want to rent a car or carpool with someone else. Why not make everyone’s life easier by arranging for group transportation instead? Our San Diego limousine service has been picking up and dropping off customers for more than 40 years, so we’re familiar with transportation for special occasions. We’ve got some of the most comfortable vehicles at our disposal, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your traveling needs. Count on our San Diego airport transfer solutions for out of town guests.

Posted on Feb 05 2019

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