Get a Fantastic Start to the New Year with These Amazing Brain Foods

Other than exercise, having enough sleep and generally maintaining a more balanced lifestyle, our diets play a very important role in ensuring that our brains are kept going at the optimum level. Nobody likes to feel sluggish and foggy throughout the day, so we do need to take care to consume things that add to our health and not detract from it. Here are some great food suggestions that everyone should have in their diets:

Everyday Drinks

We know a good red wine can totally transform the atmosphere and also the taste of our food. What you might not know is that consuming a glass of red wine a day gives our brain a good dose of polyphenols. This essential micronutrient is key to ensuring smooth brain blood flow. However, drinking red wine on a daily basis can be more decadent than we prefer (or it may not be to our tastes). If that’s the case, you can drink tea instead. There are many options of tea on the market that you can consume both day and night to give your brain the nutrients it needs.

Get Your Fruits Right

There really is no such thing as consuming a wrong kind of fruit. Well, unless you consume too much and end up giving your body an overload of a certain kind of nutrient or too much fibre. One of the best sources of polyphenols is berries and blueberries come out first on the list. It’s also rich in antioxidants and full of anthocyanins that help keep your memory sharp as you age. If you’re a fan of avocados or have been meaning to try them, you’ll be glad to know that it’s a great source of monounsaturated fats. Unlike other types of oil, this healthy option helps to protect your brain cells and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

All the Vegetables You Need

Most people either prefer leafy greens or don’t. What you need to know though, is that certain greens are especially rich in brain-protective antioxidants. Broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, and asparagus are particularly known to have high amounts of this all-important nutrient. If you’re into salads, you can add a good dose of these green vegetables for the most nutrients. However, you’re always encouraged to have enough leafy greens a day, so you should also add them to your cooked meals. Another thing that’s fast becoming a regular is green smoothies and there are lots of recipes online you can try out.

Get Your Nuts Right

Nuts aren’t just a snack that you pop into your mouth when you feel like it. In fact, it’s one of the best sources of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that can help to renew the cells in your brains (especially in the area of memory). Two options that people usually consume is walnuts and almonds as it is commonly known to be a great source of these essential nutrients. If you feel the need to boost your brain before your meeting, you can always grab a handful of nuts to do just that.

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Posted on Jan 16 2018

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