Four Questions to Ask When Planning for Event Transportation

Planning and managing transportation for a corporate event plays a huge role in its success. Thorough attention to detail and preparation can ensure your event transportation runs seamlessly. Here are four questions you should ask before choosing a transportation service.

1. Does the Fleet Meet your Needs?

Make sure your transportation partner provides more than just cars and drivers. The company should be able to handle complete transportation management and delivery. While a door-to-door pickup and drop-off certainly is a plus, going the extra mile with additional services such as a personalized greeter and luggage handling will provide a far from ordinary touch. 

2. Are They Prepared for a Plan B? 

Your transportation provider should always be ready. Ask your transportation company about their contingency plans for every obstacle that may arise. From the weather to security emergencies to construction detours to unique VIP requests; select a partner with a proven ability to handle unforeseen circumstances.

3. Are They Committed to Safety?

Work with a company that considers the safety of your guests; and provides adequate details about its safety policies and training their program. 

4. Does the Company Provide a Quality Service?

Plan early to avoid resource issues, lock-in preferential pricing, and secure the best of the best in personnel and vehicles. Finding a deal is great, but make sure you hire professional transportation consultants that can support your needs.

Whether you're planning a convention, conference or corporate retreat Carey San Diego can tailor your limousine services to your preferences.

Posted on Sep 09 2019

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