Follow These Simple Steps to Stay Safe when Traveling at Night

Fear of crime can sometimes lead us to stay home more often than we prefer, and it can sometimes mean never leaving the safety of our sanctuary once the sun sets. However, there’s definitely more to life than our four walls, and if you’re keen to explore your options outdoors at night, you should definitely take these precautions listed down below to heart:


Carry Yourself with Confidence

When you’re oozing confidence, potential attackers are more likely to back off in search of someone that seems weaker or timid. You should definitely avoid hunching down and looking at the ground while you walk. When you’re going around with your face up, you’ll also be more aware of your surroundings and will be in a better position to evade surprise attacks.


Carry Keys in Your Hand

Be prepared to have your keys, card or remote control in hand before you reach your entrance. You might think that people who keep their items in a bag will be the only ones encountering an issue, but if you’re rushing to enter, you’ll find that even a pocket is enough to deter you. For a fast and smooth entry, it’s always best to ensure that you have (or can at least access) your items at all times.


Have a Plan

The most well-laid plans do require a certain amount of digesting and ruminating, so do get cracking on it. Of course, you can’t be prepared for every eventuality, but if you’ve at least got the basics down pat, you’re more likely to feel calmer and in control if you ever end up in a dangerous situation. So, do yourself a favor and start thinking seriously about this now.


Remember to Stay Calm

Looking and sounding confident is another way you can throw off your attacker. After all, weaker and more timid targets are a lot easier to threaten, so do your best not to let your fear show. If you’re able to stay relatively calm, you’re also more likely to react a whole lot better, be it fighting somebody off, thinking of your next step, or even making a run for it.


Traveling with Others

Walking down a dark road or lane by yourself is definitely not the safest activity. When it comes to safety, numbers can make all the difference since assailants will usually target single individuals. After an outing with your friend(s), it’s good to keep in touch with one another till everyone is safely back home. If you’re able to have someone with you till you’re indoors, all the better.

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Posted on Sep 11 2018

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