Best Ways to Prevent Jet Lag from Sabotaging Your Business Trip

Jet lag is the bane of business travel, whether you're on a long-haul flight from Asia or are just jetting across the Atlantic. Nothing can ruin your productivity more than arriving at your destination but being too tired to stay alert during meetings. But with a little careful planning, you can beat and even prevent jet lag. If you're headed to San Diego for business, read on for the best ways to prevent jet lag from sabotaging your business trip.

1: Go Easy On The Sleep Aids

We may reach for a cocktail or sleeping pills out of habit to help us catch some sleep while in the air. But this can wreak havoc on your sleep system even more than traveling across multiple time zones. On your next business trip, consider reducing your alcohol intake before and during your flight, and save the sleeping pills for a true emergency.

Don't forget to rely on an executive limo service to help reset your balance. The chauffeurs with our limo service in San Diego are accustomed to all kinds of traveler situations, and they can accept yours with professionalism and grace.

2: Stick To A Regular Sleep Schedule

Our usual response to a long flight is to "just sleep on the plane." If you're on an overnight flight, this can be essential for preserving your normal sleep schedule. But if you're on a morning or afternoon flight, experts say to use this time for relaxing or working, and only take a nap if you really need to.

If you find you're exhausted when you arrive in San Diego, don't waste valuable rest time getting a rental car or getting a "ride share." You can schedule in advance for a chauffeur to come pick you up, so you can get some rest and relaxation the moment you step inside one of our comfortable vehicles.

3: Hydrate And Keep Moving

Staying hydrated in any situation is a must, but in the dry confines of a plane, it becomes essential. When that beverage cart comes by, don't hesitate to ask for water instead of soda or an alcoholic beverage, and skip the accompanying peanuts or pretzels if you can - they'll only make you thirstier!

Don't forget to keep active during your flight, too. Use compression tights if you need them to regulate your circulation, and do small arm and leg stretches during the flight.

Our ground transportation in San Diego has a variety of vehicle sizes to meet your travel needs, from sedans to mini buses, and you can rest assured knowing that there will be plenty of room for you to stretch out and get comfortable after a long flight. Take a nap if you need to, or eat a small snack, and let us take care of you. We pride ourselves on providing individualized attention to each of our customers.


Posted on May 16 2017

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