6 of the Best Travel Apps Out There for You in 2019

You might think that a travel app is an unnecessary addition in your life, but you’ll want to rethink that. If there was a way to resolve all the issues associated with traveling (e.g. loss of belongings, overlapping bookings, delays, and even boredom), wouldn’t you want to at least find out more? We believe that travel apps are rising fast, and for good reason; because they really do help us, and we’ve got some of the best for you right down below:  


If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, you’re already missing out on one of the best travel apps ever. Instead of hotel suggestions, travelers will get to choose from hosted homes. Their “filtering” system allows users to effectively choose and eliminate options in order to find the perfect travel accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a more private location, an entire house to yourself, and even the type of facilities you’ll prefer to have, Airbnb is one app you should definitely consider.
Available on both iOS and Android.

Google Translate

The ability to speak several languages is truly a gift, but most of us do need help when it comes to understanding unfamiliar languages. Rather than use the search engine option for Google Translate, you can always download the app for easier and faster access on the go. Their dedicated team of researches and translators are constantly updating their database and language accuracy, so you can be assured that your translation results will only get better in time.
Available on both iOS and Android.


Customer loyalty is becoming a thing of the past, and this is where Skyscanner’s popularity skyrocketed. With the ability to search millions of flights worldwide simultaneously, they’re able to provide you with the most updated and best search results for your next flight. If you thought that was all they’re good for, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that they’re also a one-stop search portal for the best hotel and car rental deals.
Available on both iOS and Android.


This nifty app is one thing you’ll want to have on hand before you start traveling. Whether you’re a fan of travel tours or the free and easy style, you’ll probably want a hassle-free way to plan and organize your travel itinerary. Not only does TripIt allow you to sync your mobile or online calendar for easy access and efficiency, it also helps to keep all your travel documents and important contacts in one place so you’ll always have everything you need when you need it.
Available on both iOS and Android.


Spending your time at a public airport lounge is usually a waste of time, and It usually isn’t even a comfortable experience. However, most private lounges require a membership of sorts, and it isn’t exactly the most accessible airport feature. This is where LoungeBuddy comes into play. Just pop in your credit card info, lounge memberships, and airline status and you’ll instantly get all the info you need right at your fingertips.
Available on iOS only.

Mobile Passport (Only for U.S. Travelers)

Long lines and attempts to find a pen to fill in your paper declaration form isn’t something most people would look forward to. With Mobile Passport, you’ll get to expedite your entry time, and it’s really easy. Just create your profile in the app, answer the appropriate trip questions, send it to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and receive your encrypted barcode in return. Now that’s super easy! However, this app does not replace your actual passport, so do remember to bring it along with you when you travel.
Available on both iOS and Android.

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Posted on Jan 29 2019

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