5 Fantastic Outfit Tips for Your Next Flight

Plane rides can be enjoyable or a literal pain depending on the situation. Sometimes, our choice of clothing plays a great deal in ensuring our level of comfort for the duration of the flight. To make the most of our wardrobe for a relaxing flight, here are a few things you should take note of.

Take Advantage of a Long Outerwear

Wearing something that covers at least two-thirds of your body is pretty useful. Not only does it provide added protection from the elements, but it also helps to complete your entire outfit. On the flight, you can easily take it off and use it to cover your body like a blanket. You can also choose to roll it up to get a makeshift pillow or temporary headrest.

Have Enough Pockets

Unless you’re interested in standing up and sitting down regularly on your flight, you’ll want to consider putting on an outfit with a few pockets. You can easily access items such as phone, medication, etc. from your body instead of placing them in a bag you have to rummage through. You’ll also get to place your hands in your pockets to keep them warm and cozy. Just remember to try your pockets before purchasing your clothes as you wouldn’t want to end up with small pockets that can’t fit your items.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Like other articles of clothing, you should avoid tight or ill-fitting shoes. It’s not going to do your blood circulation any good, and you’ll end up with sweaty and uncomfortable feet the entire time. Instead, you should choose to wear sneakers or flat shoes that you can slip on and off easily. Another thing to avoid is open-toed shoes as some airplanes have floor air-conditioning and your feet can easily get cold.

Select Items You Can Wear for 24 Hours

Loose clothing is a winner when it comes to long-haul flights. You’ll want to be at your most comfortable since you’ll be sitting down for some hours. If you can’t fit your hand comfortably in the opening of your clothes, it’s definitely too tight. It’s also pretty common for luggage to get delayed or lost when you touch down so you’ll want to be wearing something that you can walk around in comfortably for at least 24 hours.

Avoid Metal Accessories

You’re not going to appear in a fashion magazine on the plane itself so it’ll be good to lessen the number of accessories on your body. That means wearing simple items that you can quickly take off (especially while going through airport security). Avoid wearing tons of bangles and big earrings as they can not only end up annoying you during the flight, but also others around you.

Just as you want to be comfortable on your flight, our San Diego Air Transportation Service also believes in providing the safest and most comfortable ride for our customers. Since you are our Number One priority, we will always work hard and smart to provide you with the best ride experience possible for the duration of your stay.

Posted on Oct 10 2017

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