3 Alternative Types of Bag You Need for Traveling

If you travel a lot, you may occasionally get frustrated by the types of bags that you need to juggle and carry. Pockets alone aren't sufficient for most travel, but many bags are cumbersome and easy to forget -- especially if you don't usually carry a bag. Luckily, there are a few alternatives to traditional bags that you might want to consider.

1. The Fanny Pack -- Revisited

Fanny packs have gained new life under the name "hip bags." These fanny packs are radically redesigned, intended to be slung across one hip. They are form-fitting in so that it's easy to move in and out of crowded locations with them, and they can be moved to your front so that you can be certain that no one can snatch something out of it. Fanny packs are fantastic for traveling as they leave your hands free.

2. The Ammo Pack -- Tactical and Convenient

The benefits of a fanny pack and a backpack combined, ammo packs are also known as cycling bags and tactical bags. An ammo pack is a type of bag that straps both onto your hip and your thigh. It can be used to carry more things than a fanny pack because it is larger, but it doesn't swing around because of the thigh strap.

3. The Under the Clothes Pouch -- Invisible and Safe

An under-the-clothes pouch is the perfect place to store extra cash and credit cards that you might need. These thin pouches fit over your shoulder and under a jacket. This is an ideal solution for those who are traveling in areas that are either high in crime or simply crowded. One word of warning: don't put it on before you go through TSA, as you'll need to take it off and put it back on again anyway. This is usually more useful for city use than airport use.

For any of your unique travel needs, there's usually a bag for that. More people are traveling than ever today, so the options are no longer limited to small laptop cases or bulky backpacks. Identify your primary needs for a bag (large capacity, concealment, agility, flexibility) and you can usually find the perfect solution for you.

Posted on Dec 03 2014

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